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La Gitanilla Flamenca Story
Our Story

La Gitanilla Flamenca is a small independent Hungarian fashion brand founded by me, Ivett Buzgo.

La Gitanilla Flamenca is practically a one woman show! Every item is handmade by me in my studio near to Budapest, my making process includes the designing, fabric sourcing, cutting out, sewing, stitching, steaming, labelling, packaging and sending of each individual item along with its own personal hand written note. As well as that I deal with all the business things and visual presence too! Of course I have creative support around me, photographers, models from close circle of friends, encouraging and inspiring me.

It all began in 2017. That time flamenco was already an essential part of my life, bringing transformation and feminism in everyday. I left a successful IT carrier behind and started improvising in my life, by doing things I have longing for since my childhood. My mom was my biggest inspiration growing up and was the person to first introduce me to the sewing machine at around age 7 and I have been in love with making clothes ever since.

Creation of flamenco costumes came by dancing and from need for evolvement in sensual movements. Foremost I designed and sew for myself, than for the flamenquitas around me,  and finally, it’s here for all flamencas who can hear bulerias compas while walking down the street, who put roses in their hair and carry a fan when they go to the theatre, who release their emotions as the heart dictates, who wear dress and high heals on bicycles, who fall in love with every corner of Andalusia, who draw their energy from the nature, protect and love it, who feel like a real flamenca even in pyjamas with polka dots.

The ultimate lightness of the fabrics, colourful prints and traditional cuts create a beautiful and coherent mix. Each and every handcrafted piece reflects uniqueness, femininity and freedom of emotional expression. A La Gitanilla Flamenca dress is your reliable and passionate partner to dance.

Sustainability is part of our business strategy. We recycle, give new chance to old but quality materials and garments and create useful and beautiful things from waste. Read more about Our Philosophy.

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