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La Gitanilla Flamenca Philosophy
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We are keen to reduce consciously our eco-footprint with every process step and will continue to find ways in which we can develop and innovate.


These are our commitments to positively impact the world:

Responsible consumption and manufacturing

Less is more.
With a focus on slow production we are dedicated to reducing the environmental impacts of our business and promoting a more responsible way to experience fashion. We commit to work with high-quality fabrics, low minimum suppliers, allowing us to reduce waste through limited size and small-batch manufacturing. We cut small quantities and specifically design our seasons in small collections – this way the pieces we make are unique.
No overproduction, zero waste is an integral part of our brand philosophy.


Waste nothing.
Creative reuse gives a second chance to non-weared or non-repairable garments while minimizing the impact and transforming it into something better. In our studio every piece of fabric is used. Instead of throwing away or destroying our fabric stocks, we recycle them into new clothes.
We do our best to make the most of our leftovers by making bandanas, headkerchiefs, shoe bags and pouffs out of the excess fabric we have.

Shorten distribution channels

In order to produce clothes with fair and explainable prices, we focus on reducing intermediaries. This means we sell direct to our customers, straight from our online shop and work together with highly reliable shipping partners.
Thanks to the direct connection with you, customers, we can get feedback from first hand which we are infinitely grateful for.

Dance with Heart & Love the Earth

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